KiDO Preschool Nursery

KiDO Preschool Nursery helps your child prepare for the days ahead in kindergarten. Here practical school skills are learned such as social skills, self-management skills (diapers & milk bottle quitting, self-feeding etc), hand muscle exercise, and settling comfortably in day-to-day routines. This adaptation will help free the child to focus on learning without the feeling of pressure or sense of competition.

Your can choose KiDO Preschool Nursery either as Half Day or Full Day. Please ask for details and make plan at the closest branch near you, or contact Head Office at 02 922 3132.


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Play And Learn Co., Ltd.

Head Office, 1003/6 Soi Prachachuen30,
Prachachuen Road, Wong Sawang, Bang Sue, Bangkok 10800

Tel: 02 922 3132

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KiDO Daycare

KiDO Nursery Daycare offers a safe and nurturing environment for children to learn and grow. Our experienced staff is dedicated to providing the best care possible, with a focus on early childhood education and development. We offer a variety of programs to meet the needs of children from infancy to preschool age.

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